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Rachel Hill is a folk-inspired singer-songwriter whose effortless vocals have been described as ‘gorgeous, commanding and enchanting’ (Indie Top 39). Paired with her naturally authentic and vulnerable lyricism Rachel’s songs come alive to create entrancing performances, especially with her mastery of live vocal looping. The clarity of tone within Rachel’s higher register, gleaned from years of training as a classical soprano, allow her melodies to dance around effortlessly in a way which has been repeatedly likened to birdsong.

Influenced by a wealth of powerfully emotive female singer-songwriters, Rachel draws inspiration from the likes of Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell and Dodie. Maintaining a deep connection with her background in choral and a cappella singing, Rachel is drawn to harmonic layers characteristic of work by The Staves, Bon Iver and Jacob Collier. Her carefully considered harmonic soundscapes set the backdrop for her soaring vocals; a bed upon which her lyrics build to captivate the listener.

Rachel’s live performances are unique experiences, blending the young artist’s relatable nature with ethereal vocals delivered with calm self-assurance. Rachel is at her most authentic when intimately pouring her heart out to an attentive audience, driven by a desire to engage and unite people through music.

Incredibly driven as an independent, self-managed artist, Rachel has gained considerable support from a devoted and ever-growing fanbase. Having recently moved from her family home in Dorset to start a new chapter in Cambridge, Rachel has received airtime from both BBC Introducing Solent and BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire, making a name for herself wherever she goes. Her debut album ‘Words Left Unsaid’ was launched on the 16th of June. 

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