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The last six months have marked Rachel Hill as an artist to watch for 2023. 

An incredible live performer, Rachel organised her debut house concert tour of England, performing her one woman show for three weeks before closing with a sold-out London show at The Camden Chapel. The tour teased Rachel’s upcoming debut album ‘Words Left Unsaid’, including her most recent single ‘Peaches and Cigars’ which received airtime on BBC Introducing Solent and other local radio stations in her native West Country.


With her authentic and vulnerable lyricism Rachel’s songs come alive to create entrancing performances, especially with her mastery of live vocal looping. The clarity of tone within Rachel’s higher register, gleaned from years of training as a classical soprano, allow her melodies to dance around effortlessly in a way which has been repeatedly likened to birdsong. Authentic to her roots in choral and a cappella singing, Rachel’s carefully composed harmonic soundscapes set the backdrop for her soaring vocals; a bed upon which her lyrics build to captivate the listener. The overall result is a unique style that evokes the timeless vocals of artists such as Joni Mitchell and modern voices in current indie folk playlists like Dodie and Lizzie McAlpine.

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